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The Proposal

My fiance, J, is an intelligent artistic web developing /designing/programing Nerd; and what better way to propose than by using his creative talents, via website /pictures/drawings.  He cleverly developed a web-based program that was a choose my own adventure story.

Now mind you, my fiance has a horrible time keeping secrets from me.  He keeps other people’s secrets well, just not his own.  I can tell when he’s lying to me and when he’s trying to keep something from me.  He doesn’t have a very good poker face.  Plus,  I feel that we know each other well and are very comfortable in each other’s presence.

For J to have kept this project a secret from me has shown the true strength of his will-power.  And I know I didn’t make it easy for him to not reveal it to me.  It didn’t help that J told me he was working on a project for me.  So obviously, me being a smart girl and having a rare super-powered called “common sense”, I was able to put two and two together.

This was the start of the adventure story.  It was a cute/adorable/funny/thoughtful adventure.  As I went into the story, it just reconfirmed that J does pay attention to me, even to the tiniest details.  He had options for me to choose from that I forgot that I even did.  My every responses and acts were listed throughout the story as to what I would naturally do.  I wanted to choose all of them!  It was like a multiple choice test where all of the answers were correct!

So, after about a day’s worth of adventure, I start a new day in the adventure story.  The story that J created was pretty similar to what we would normally do.  It didn’t stray from our characteristics.  Even the little side comments here and there and reactions in the story were pretty much what our comments/actions/reactions to each other probably would have been if in that situation.

So while J‘s out “running errands” in the story, I go on my merry way by “updating his Facebook Status,” “playing with the doggies,” “waiting around,” “waiting around some more…”

Then, I happen to see an open window on J‘s computer (in the story, I know it gets a little confusing.  I start to play and create my own adventure story, in the current story that I’m personally playing.  Make sense?)

It supposed to be “very linear” to the current story that I’m playing…

All leading up to one very important moment…

Of course I clicked “Yes!”

(Not realizing that I was ACTUALLY supposed to turn around and see him down on one knee.   I was so involved in the story…Oops!)

my beautiful cushion cut